Peter Wyllie FSBP

Peter Wyllie - Independent Funeral OfficiantBorn in 1948 and brought up in Lincolnshire, I trained at two theological colleges in my late teens and early twenties before deciding that ministry within a formal religion was not quite right for me. This experience, together with subsequent involvement with my local churches has given me wide experience of preparing and conducting services, preaching and leading worship.

From an early age I was encouraged in both elocution and recitation and have had some formal voice coaching.

My background has given me wide exposure to virtually the whole spectrum of Christian expression Baptist, Methodist, High and Low Church Anglican, Roman Catholic, Brethren, Pentecostal, Salvation Army, and Quaker.

I am comfortable, therefore, conducting a funeral service for those of some faith or no faith and would never seek to impose any of my personal views on the family or friends of the deceased.

I have grown-up children and grandchildren and, in common with many others my age, I have over the years had to deal with the deaths of parents, uncles and aunts, friends and the children of friends. It has been these experiences which led me to become an independent celebrant when I saw how irrelevant, dull and lacking in feeling some funerals were.

I have lived in Northamptonshire for around 25 years where, alongside my work in sales and sales training, I have been involved with local organisations acting as the compere for various fund-raising events and charity golf days. For the past four years I have introduced and co-ordinated the arena events for the Rotary Clubs’ Dragon Boat Race at Midsummer Meadow.

Writing has always been an important part of my life and I am a published author and have written many speeches and tributes for retirements, birthdays and special anniversaries. This meant that I had to sum up the essence of a person’s life picking out the key elements along the way.
This is, as you can appreciate, crucial to the writing of a eulogy.

My commitment is to delivering a funeral service which will be meaningful and memorable to those attending and be a fitting tribute to the deceased.